5 Facts About Antimicrobial Products

Just a warning, this may not be something you want to read on your lunch hour or morning tea break.

As much as we don’t like to think about it, unfortunately there is no getting away from the fact that bacteria lurks everywhere. According to latest research there is 18 times more bacteria on your mobile phone than you will find on toilet handles. Now that is quite daunting considering the mobile phone obsessed world we live in nowadays where we probably spend more time texting, Whats-App’ing, Snap-chatting or emailing our friends than we do having actual conversations with people.

Sadly most household disinfectants do not completely protect your surfaces or kitchen floors as they only work on certain micro-organisms. Bacteria can multiply every twenty minutes so if you’re not careful your home can easily become a breeding ground. Fear not, antimicrobial products are used to kill and control the growth of harmful micro-organisms and once treated can successfully destroy them long after use.

Micro-organisms can live anywhere and can be found in the form of bacteria, fungi or viruses. They are extremely hardy and will be on this earth long after the human race. There are too many different types of bacteria to list but the good news is antimicrobial products, if used correctly, can provide a long term solutions to those pesky viruses or unsightly household moulds. Giving you peace of mind for longer.

Here’s five things we bet you didn’t know about antimicrobial products:

  1. Safe To Touch – Unlike a lot of disinfectants, antimicrobial pesticides use low levels of biocides and it has even been proven to be safe enough to use in drinking water.
  2. Long lasting – Antimicrobial pesticide products can carry on protecting the treated environment for up 4 weeks after the initial decontamination takes place.
  3. Fast working – once the antimicrobial treatment is applied you don’t have to wait long to reap the benefits as it gets to work almost immediately, in fact it begins to destroy most bacteria’s within 30 seconds.
  4. Spoilt for choice – Some may assume there is just one type of antimicrobial pesticide that kills micro-organisms. You may be interested to hear that there are many different types and it can be tailored to the specific environment that is in need.
  5. Standing the test of time – Methods using antimicrobial products have astonishingly been used one way or another for over 2000 years. It was discovered that Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians used these natural methods to treat some infections.


We’ll let you get back to your lunch now!

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