7 unusual places you’ll find enormous amounts of bacteria

We are all well aware there’s bacteria lurking around us, that’s why we regularly clean and disinfect our homes. Unfortunately we could be missing the vital and worst breeding grounds that are right under our noses.

You may be sitting there thinking you know exactly where bacteria will manifest in your home, in the toilet, in your kitchen bin and the dirty shoe cupboard. However you’ll be surprised to hear these 7 unusual places you’ll find enormous amounts of germs.

  1. We’ll give you a clue, you should be using it at least twice a day and it goes in your mouth… You’ve guessed it, it’s our toothbrushes. Unfortunately, germs and bacteria thrive off moist and damp areas and our toothbrushes are exactly that. You may think simply rinsing them off is enough to keep the germs at bay but that’s not the case. We tend to only think about changing our toothbrushes when it becomes old looking and misshapen but make sure you replace it regularly to avoid this.
  2. Would you be shocked if we told you that your kitchen sink may harvest more germs than your toilet bowl? Well, sadly it’s true. As it’s a place in your home that is regularly watered down, you may mistakenly believe that this makes it clean but viruses and germs actually breed off of the leftover food particles from plates. You can easily manage this by regularly washing it as you would any of your other kitchen surfaces.
  3. A very common haven for bacteria is on an object that the majority of us would use on a daily basis; our computers or laptops and in particular our keyboards. We’re all guilty of it, we’ll settle down for the evening with our laptops in one hand and a snack in the other or maybe we’ll work through our lunch break and eat at our desks. By dropping crumbs on the laptop we’re opening yourselves up to a whole heap of germs. This becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, don’t fret though, it’s easily managed by simply wiping the keyboard regularly.
  4. Disturbingly, one of the biggest harvesters of bacteria is in fact you bathtub. Yes, you heard it right, your favourite calming oasis or your safe haven after a hard days work could actually leave you dirtier than before you climbed in it. A quick fix would be to clean your tub with bathroom cleaner and to do it often.
  5. We bet when you’re undertaking your weekly or daily cleaning duties you don’t always think about the remote controller as a home for germs. Well, think again, you may know your own personal hygiene but the television controller is used by everyone in the household. It gets lost under the sofa, thrown in the dog bed and dropped on the floor, ensure you keep it in tip top sanitary by cleaning it carefully with wipes.
  6. The one thing that should be helping you could actually be hindering your cleaning chores. The average kitchen sponge or cloth is swimming with germs and bacteria if not squeezed out correctly. As we’ve already said bacteria loves damp areas so the tool you’re using to clean your surfaces could be making things worse.
  7. Ever gone out and left your the washing machine to spin in your absence? It may smell clean and fresh when you return but if wet washing is left in the machine, even if it’s just while you pop to the shops, you’re leaving yourselves open to potentially large amounts of micro-organisms. You can avoid this by hanging the washing up immediately once the cycle has finished or put it straight in the tumble drier.

Do you have an overwhelming urge to go home and give your house a good clean with the mop and bucket? We certainly do!

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