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Public Lavatories

Research shows that 40% of people don't wash their hands after using the toilet, meaning the door handle is full of bacteria!
Bacteria Control in Public Lavatories

Surgery Waiting Areas

Waiting rooms are full of bacteria and viruses. They live in toys and leaflets and multiply in minutes.
Bacteria Control for Medical Centre Waiting Areas


People go to a gym to work out and sweat, making it a common breeding ground for bacteria.
Bacteria Control for Gyms


Children's plastic tables and toys are used on a daily basis and harbour bacteria and germs.
Bacteria Control for Creches


Rental properties see many people pass through them, and what would you do if your home flooded? Bacteria harbors in flood water.
Bacteria Control for Homes

Infant Schools

Parents will know that schools are a hotbed for bacteria. Lots of children in one place means viruses and bacterias are easily spread.
Bacteria Control for Infant Schools


Recent research has shown that office keyboards harbor more germs than a toilet seat. Is yours Safe To Touch?
Bacteria Control for Offices


Millions of pathogens lurk in even the cleanest of restaurants causing food poisoning, salmonella and other illnesses.
Bacteria Control for Restaurants

Safe To Touch

Bacteria control for up to 30 days!Safe To Touch provide a world class, safe, highly effective disinfection service to protect your whole environment.

We use class leading technologies, meeting strict global test protocals for efficiency, safety and effectiveness. Safe To Touch treatment is a long lasting and more effective alternative to regular disinfectants and can be used across a range of environments.

Contact us and make your surfaces Safe To Touch.