10 Micro-organisms We Destroy

The number of micro-organisms in the world is so high it would be impossible to list, they lurk just about everywhere. But you’ll be glad to hear we are able to safely destroy a wide range of micro-organisms and can protect you against unpleasant out breaks of viruses and unwanted germs. To put your mind [...]

5 Facts About Antimicrobial Products

Just a warning, this may not be something you want to read on your lunch hour or morning tea break. As much as we don’t like to think about it, unfortunately there is no getting away from the fact that bacteria lurks everywhere. According to latest research there is 18 times more bacteria on your [...]

Our contact with bacteria

As you might have seen across our social media recently, we have been looking to raise awareness of bacteria and pathogens which could be found in household items which are used on a daily basis. We’ve now gone a step further to explain just why there is the possibility for potentially thousands of bacteria to [...]

The spread of bacteria from hayfever

It’s almost upon us.. some will rejoice and some will recoil but Spring is nearly here! You may be thinking, how could anyone be upset about Spring when we’ve just had the wettest Winter on record? These people will of course be thinking about hayfever and how this is set to affect them for the [...]