Virus prevention in schools

Schools are a hotbed of bacteria and preventing bacteria spread can be a fulltime job. The average child gets between six and ten colds every year, and this doesn’t include sore throats, infections and other viruses. This means the average child is ill at least once a month. In fact, a recent statistic stated that [...]

Bacteria lurking on your phone

It’s possibly the item you use the most every day, but did you realise how much bacteria could be lurking on your phone? This is something which many people don’t want to think about as you use your mobile on a daily basis. It touches your face, lives in your pockets, bags and is possibly [...]

Where are the hidden germs in your home?

It doesn’t matter how long you spend cleaning your house or how often you do so, harmful germs and bacteria lurk everywhere. We discussed last week the unusual places you may find bacteria or harmful germs however since then we’ve read research detailing even more unusual places!! We’ve all heard about the bacteria dangers in [...]

Unusual places to find bacteria

You may clean your home on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean it is actually clean. In fact, there are two places in particular which have more bacteria than you would ever consider and are breeding grounds for superbugs. In fact, there are actually places in the home that are breeding bacteria – however [...]

Controlling Bacteria in the Gym

As it’s January, many people have already joined the gym with the intention of getting fitter for 2014. However, what many people fail to realise is the amount of bacteria which can be found in the gym and how the gym could actually be making you ill. The gym is generally kept very clean with [...]

How dangerous is flood water?

Parts of the UK have experienced extreme flooding over the past two to three weeks which has caused havoc and disruption to many. Whilst experiencing flooding is devastating to any home or business, it’s also important to consider how flood water can be contaminated, which can cause long term health problems.   Bacteria and parasites [...]