Preventing Viruses in Schools

Every Winter, millions of people come down with colds, flu and viruses and in schools viruses are particularly prominent.   Schools are one of the most common places in which viruses are caught, this means if you have a child of school age, it is very likely they, and yourself will have some kind of [...]

Swine Flu Efficacy

Many scientists believed it was impossible to kill and destroy the viruses which caused swine flu, however the technology Safe To Touch uses can produce swine flu efficacy.   Swine flu was first declared a disease during the 1918 flu pandemic, during which pigs became ill at the same time as humans.  In 1930, scientists were [...]

What is an antimicrobial product?

After viewing this site you may be wondering, what actually is an antimicrobial product? At Safe To Touch we use a variety of different leading product to treat surfaces and protect them from micro-organisms.  They are considered by many to be a breakthrough in antimicrobial technologies.   Put simply, the antimicrobial we use is a [...]