Bacterial concerns leading into World Health Day

At Safe To Touch, we are passionate that the area in which you live in, is exactly that, safe to touch. The threat of bacteria is becoming increasingly concerning, and with germs capable of multiplying approximately every twenty minutes, there is little doubt as to why bacterial spread is becoming such a prominent concern.

With World Health Day taking place on the 7th April 2014, it seems like an ideal opportunity to discuss the negative effects which can be caused as a result of bacteria… how it effects our health, and furthermore, ways in which the threat can be reduced, and to some degree… prevented.

At the start of 2014 we suggested that possibly this was the year in which a real focus could be placed upon your hygiene, and events in the early months of the year have certainly underlined the importance hygiene plays in accordance to good health.

Whilst hygiene levels may have suffered somewhat with thousands across the United Kingdom affected by the vast amount of contaminated flood water which seemingly consumed copious amounts of land, it could be argued that World Health Day 2014 is the perfect opportunity to reassess hygiene levels.

Properties, businesses, and buildings were in some cases, effectively ruined by flooding, yet the lasting damage could well be caused by lingering bacteria.  Furthermore it should be noted the effect that bacteria can have within hospitals and surgery, with vulnerable patients unfortunately at risk of catching viruses as a result of bacterial spreads throughout wards.

Whilst World Health Day is an annual occasion dedicated to raising awareness of poor health, and the possible causes and effects, it is important that the spread of unwanted bacteria is fought against throughout the year.

Bacteria can in fact be ‘deactivated’ through Safe To Touch’s innovative treatments: the Total Room Disinfection process, and the Disinfectant Misting System.

The Total Room Disinfection, provided by Safe To Touch works to eliminate potentially harmful micro-organisms, a process which could prove to be something which is extremely advantageous in a property affected by the recent flooding. Furthermore, with hospitals, an area where antibiotic resistant bacteria, or ‘superbugs’ breed, the benefits of the treatment could again be seen.

Furthermore, the Disinfectant Misting System immediately deactivates damaging viruses and bacteria upon contact, preventing further colonisation for the following four weeks, meaning that twelve treatments could see you through to World Health Day 2015.

Don’t just wait for World Health Day to come around, get to work on bacterial spread immediately, and continue to combat the potential damages by maintaining high levels of hygiene throughout the year.

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