Our contact with bacteria

As you might have seen across our social media recently, we have been looking to raise awareness of bacteria and pathogens which could be found in household items which are used on a daily basis. We’ve now gone a step further to explain just why there is the possibility for potentially thousands of bacteria to be lurking on these essentials.

Kitchen Sponge
A kitchen essential which is used to clean other items such as cutlery and dishes, but one which very rarely people consider to clean. The sheer fact that it is used to remove dirt should indicate that there is a strong probability of bacteria lurking.

Used Coffee Mug
Throughout a day the same coffee mug could be used countless times… especially if you need your caffeine! However whilst your mug is on the side waiting for a refill, the perfect conditions within, allow for bacteria to continue growing… doubling in size roughly every 20 minutes.

Steering Wheel
It’s only when you think about the amount of times which hands come into contact with the steering wheel that it puts into perspective just how much bacteria is possibly getting a free ride.

It is important to realise that you’re certainly not the first person to own the 2 pence piece that you now possess, and certainly shan’t be the last. Such is the nature of currency, that you could have in your possession a coin which has been in circulation for a decade. Now how many people do you think have owned the piece that you now do?

Every electronic device needs booting up… and also needs a regular clean. Especially in a working environment, it could be one of a number of employees who could start up the various devices… and once they clock off, you have no idea as to their levels of hygiene.

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