Where to Use

Bacteria control for up to 30 days! Public Lavatories

A public lavatory is where Safe To Touch first started out. As you would expect, lavatories have all kinds of bacterias lurking. However what we don’t consider is how many people don’t wash their hands after using the lavatory.

A massive 40% of people don’t wash their hands after using the toilet. They then use the door handle to exit the toilet. This means those of us that do wash our hands are then getting their germs transferred to us. If a door handle is disinfected by Safe To Touch it is protected for up to four weeks from micro-organisms.


Surgery Waiting Areas

Waiting rooms are full of bacteria and viruses. Whilst the UK has some of the cleanest medical centres in the world the waiting rooms in many are still trying to catch up. As we know, the Doctors surgery is where you go when you are ill, this means many different bacterias come together in the same place. Even when constantly cleaned, surfaces are contaminated by many different bacterias which merge together to become new antibiotic resistant bacterias, commonly known as ‘superbugs’.



Many see sports centres as smelly and unhygienic. People go there to work out and sweat which means it’s a common breeding ground for bacteria.  After half an hours workout, gym equipment becomes heavily contaminated and is highly unlikely to be disinfected before the next session.  As well as this, showers are always in use which can make them difficult to disinfect. But your sports centre doesn’t need to be unhygienic.

Safe To Touch use a powerful disinfecting agent which eliminates odours such as urine and sweat, meaning the normal sports centre smell can disappear. We provide long term protection for up to four weeks destroying and deactivating bacteria, viruses and fungi, all commonly found in sports centres.  Safe To Touch gives continuous protection on all surfaces for every user.  



Crèches are full of bacteria and viruses. This is because children have a higher degree of close contact with other children, especially at a younger age. Younger children have a much lower understanding of hygiene than any other age group. This means they share toys, food, drinks amongst many other items. Whilst crèches are cleaned on a regular basis, regular disinfectants do not destroy all bacterias. There are also areas which aren’t thought about such as underneath chairs and tables.  

Safe To Touch use a micro atomiser which reaches all cracks and surfaces.   The application ensures protection to hidden areas such as underneath tables and chairs as well as protecting frequently handled toys which are difficult to disinfect.  Safe To Touch can destroy 99.9999% of all bacterias and provide long lasting protection of the treated surface for up to four weeks.



The domestic cleaning product industry is massive. But, most household cleaning products don’t actually do the job they are purchased for, they don’t disinfect a home. A regular disinfectant will only protect surfaces for a matter of minutes. In comparison, if Safe To Touch were to treat your house it would be protected for up to four weeks.

If you are the landlord of a rental property, under the Housing Act 2004, you are responsible for ensuring their properties are in a good condition. This includes but isn’t limited to domestic hygiene, damp and mould growth. Safe To Touch can treat your house on a regular basis to ensure you have long lasting protection for any tenant or even for yourself if you are moving back into a home you have previously rented out.  

Perhaps someone has recently been ill in your home which has meant frequent hospital visits.  An application from Safe To Touch will carry on protecting your home and your family from harmful bacterias which could have been carried from a hospital.  


Infant Schools

Everyone knows that schools can be a hotbed of bacteria. Children are particularly susceptible to germs and bacteria for a number of reasons. This is largely due to their immature immune systems and the fact they tend to have a higher degree of close contact with other children. This means that viruses like flu are easily spread.

Children also tend to have a lower understanding of hygiene practices, for example not washing hands before eating, meaning germs travel further. Safe To Touch can help to reduce the transmission of infection by protecting all surfaces from Winter flu viruses.  



Reports state that offices are increasingly becoming more unhygienic as more office workers eat food at their desks. Computer mice are considered the most unhygienic piece of office equipment, whilst scientists suggest that keyboards carry more bacteria than toilet seats! As offices are largely full of electrical equipment, many items aren’t disinfected regularly which means they harbour bacteria. Safe To Touch can help eradicate bacteria by protecting all surfaces including electrical items and soft furnishings.



It doesn’t matter how often you disinfect food preparation areas, micro-organisms are always lurking. The food industry is always at risk of microbial cross contamination. Over five million people each year suffer from food poisoning within the UK alone.

Then there’s the toilets, which is of course how Safe To Touch started. Even the smartest restaurants toilets aren’t completely disinfected and micro-organism free. Normal disinfectants simply aren’t powerful enough to destroy and deactivate all bacteria and they do not give you the long term protection you will have with Safe To Touch.  We can ensure your surfaces and lavatory door handles are ‘safe to touch’ for staff and customers alike.